Healthcare Digital Transformation Services

Our Digital Workforce solutions largely leverage our proprietary ‘Newton AI Digital
Transformation Platform’

Newton AI Automation solutions

Newton AI combines Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and Business Process Management (BPM) to help customers predict medical necessity. It decreases re-admission rate, performs assisted coding, predicts denials, reduces adjudication errors, downsizes manual work, and improves productivity.  It also enhances the patient experience, increases provider satisfaction, boosts procedural and payment accuracy, and optimizes processes.

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Healthcare Digital transformation solutions


ApexonHealth has been an early pioneer/investor in Healthcare Digital Transformation Solutions. We have implemented these solutions for multiple healthcare organizations. Some of the solutions already available for healthcare organizations include:

Provider Solutions

Eligibility Validation
Data Entry Automation
Billing Automation
Assisted Coding Solutions
AI Driven Error prediction solution
Denial prediction solution
AR Automation
Payment Posting Automation

Payer Solutions

Membership Automation
Provider Database Automation
Predictive Claim Audit and Touch Analytics
Claim Audit Solutions
Risk Solutions
Predictive Analytics
Intellegent Reporting

Enterprise Solutions

Desktop Automation
Web Automation
Citrix Automation
IT Support Desk Automation
ICR/OCR Automation
BI Tool Integration (Tableau, Spotfire etc)

We are consistently achieving the above by increasing the performance of our AI & RPA operations team. Some of the solution benefits aimed at creating sustainable revenue and margins for all stakeholders include:

  • Reduction in Operations cost even from an outsourced environment
  • Flexible Deployment models (SAAS/Managed BOTs/Both)
  • It can be integrated seamlessly with any Healthcare technology with minimal effort
  • Hands-on experience in all renowned automation technologies, including Open source
  • Flexible Pricing models including Gainsharing (Based on Success criteria)
  • Scalability and expertise to create solutions that can fit into simple automation to Enterprise model

Our Solution Benefits

Improves productivity, Accuracy & compliance

Productivity improvement by upto 50%

BOTs for all types of Orgs

Plug and Play solutions

Flexible Pricing Models

100% Audit of claims

Error Prediction solutions

Increase in revenue by 2 to 3%

Digital Studio Catalogue

Digital Transformation Services Offerings
  • Digital Applications and Modernization
  • Cloud and SDI
  • Integration Services
  • Information Management
  • Automation & Analytics
  • Testing
  • ERP/CRM application
  • Mobility

Digital Transformation Solution Component
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Training/Gold Dataset
  • Business Rule Automation
  • Big Data
  • Data Ingestion
  • Image Processing
  • Cloud API(S)
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Intelligent Workflow
  • Visualization

Digital Transformation Tools
  • Basic BOTs
  • Assisted BOTs
  • Enhanced BOTs
  • Cognitive BOTS
  • Predictive Solutions
  • ML Driven Quality Models
  • Intellegent Reporting

Solution Framework

Automation Solution Benefits for Healthcare RCM Orgs

Coding Automation
  • 70 to 80% of automation
  • Medical Record Abstraction
  • CDI – Revenue enhancement by 2 to 3%
  • Productivity 30 to 40% improvement
Revenue Integrity
  • Medical record Abstraction
  • Predictive ICD 10 , HCC Code & RAF Score
  • Improved collection / Bonus
RPA for AR management
  • Productivity improved by 45%
  • Committed cash goal increase of 5 to 10%
Billing & Predictive solutions
  • Coding Quality – 96 to 99%
  • Cash goal – 5% increase
  • Reduced denial 12 to 7%
  • Code audit workflow
RPA for Payment Posting
  • Productivity improved by 30%
  • Capture all denial / reason codes
Actionable Intelligence/BI Reporting
  • Collection forecasting
  • Physician productivity
  • Acuity shift analysis

Automation Solution Benefits for Payer BPM Orgs

Claim Audit
  • Predictive claim errors – Post Payment audit
  • Up coding/ coding errors
  • Identify up coding/ Over Payment
  • 95%+ Predictive accuracy
  • Productivity improvement by 45%
Membership Automation
  • ICR / Written enrollment Automation
  • Improve accuracy up to 5%
  • Productivity improvement up to 65%
HCC Solutions
  • Medical Record Abstraction using Machine learning
  • Predictive Diagnosis, HCC & RAF score
  • Code Adequacy & CDI Support
  • Coding Services – Retro & Prospective audit
  • RAF Analysis
  • Potential Risk Patients – 100% coverage
  • Productivity Improvement – up to 45%
  • Identify Risk Gap closure – up by 10%
Claim Audit Workflow
  • Pre-bill or post bill Audit
  • Allocation, Sampling and Business rule engine
  • Auditing Module
  • Web based application
  • Customizable screen
  • Sampling technique
  • Business rule engine
  • Readmission Analysis
  • Predictive Re-admission – Time scale
  • Utilization of Services
  • Intervention Summary – Effectiveness & Delivery personnel effectiveness
  • Strategize care management
  • Frame wellness outreach programs

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