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ApexonHealth is the healthcare division of Technosoft Corporation and a provider of technology-driven healthcare solutions that combine machine learning, workflow automation, and Business Process Management (BPM). ApexonHealth offers healthcare-focused BPM and IT solutions. The company is headquartered in Southfield, MI, and has certified service delivery centers in the US and India.

Outcome Based

We are committed to your business goals. You receive service level guarantees and shared risk engagements.

Dedicated Account Management

Our US-based Account Team ensures that we thoroughly understand and align around your requirements.

Talent + Analytics

The best resources in the industry deliver our BPO services. Plus, our deep expertise in data analytics enhances our processes


We have helped 80+ healthcare organizations transform their Revenue Integrity solutions in 14+ years.

With over 14 years of healthcare experience, ApexonHealth is trusted by dozens of Fortune 500 clients and is an active member of:

What is Newton AI?


Increased revenue for customers

Reduction in cost

Improved turn around time

Higher Quality

RPA integration


HIPAA certified

Cloud enabled

API based environment

The purpose of the machine learning algorithms is to augment our existing team of transaction processors. The design philosophy adopted was that AI technology combined with human effort transforms the user experience and business results.

To achieve this, we have dedicated a multi-disciplinary team of:

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